Maidenfed (aka Jackie) is a Brooklyn-based collage artist, writer, occasional video creator, and wannabe rapper. Her pseudonym comes from a verse she wrote in a college poetry workshop, which she feels she is now stuck with, for better or for worse: “pink ribbon and bow for your maidenhead / got my bow and arrow, now I’m maiden-fed.”

Born in 1991 and raised in Westchester, New York, she regrettably attended NYU and graduated with a degree completely unrelated to art — or anything else even vaguely useful. With origins in front of the camera as an apathetic nude/fetish — and, by a fluke, fashion — model, she began collaging in earnest while bored to death in rehab during the autumn of 2015. 

Her work explores the relationship between subject and object, while recontextualizing images of herself taken by other, predominantly male photographers (to their intermittent chagrin). She is especially drawn to S&M and medical imagery, as such “edgy” extremes are a way to counterbalance nonstop solipsism. Themes include: public vs. private, revenge against the boys who spurned her as an adolescent, and the concept that “the body is obsolete,” as coined by Stelarc, whose books she “borrowed” from the NYU library half a decade ago and has yet to return. 

She lives in a permanent state of fear that her Instagram will get deleted again.